cracked front brake line, replace with oem or steel braded?

Just ate it tonight on the trail. When I got her up right I noticed that I had no front brake pressure. Looks like I ripped open the front brake line on a rock. Since I have to replace it should I go for a steel braded line. I like the way the OEM one looks / mounts. Not sure wich one will cost more OEM or braided? I know braided should be more positive but the OEM may be cheaper and fit better?

Any opinions, S/T.

The steel braded will fit just as well as OEM and are way better IMO; they hold up better and don’t expand as much when you smash the brakes making your brakes feel stiffer and more responsive . And you can get them in black to match OEM style.

concur with steel braided. Price has to be about the same as stock, and better performance. Maybe not worth replacing if the stock is fine, but if it has to be replaced anyway, use an aftermarket such as Galfer. btw, I vote for clear (does have the black high wear tubing where needed).

Not sure what year your bike is but if it doesn't already have the CR style routing (i.e. around the inside of the left fork leg vs down the front and under) consider upgrading to it with a good quality SS hose.

Wow, this turned out to be a no brainer. An OEM brake line goes for around $100, ouch! I can get a steel braded line for $45-55. I'll find a clear one with the black high wear covering.

Thank's for the info, S/T.

They all come with the proper high wear tubing in the correct area for the application

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