'04 450 22.5 triple clamps

Any one have advice on '04 YZ450 triple clamps? I'm thinking of switching to a 22.5 applied clamp to help with the steering. What about Tri Star or RG3?

Based on my experience with 22.5's on an '03, my advice is not to do it. If you do, plan on buying a steering stabilizer.

The bike was easier to turn in at low speeds, but it didn't push any less, and was nervous and squirrely at the front end at speed to the point of being evil. Better off with a top clamp for fat bars and Storm link for handling. Opinions will vary, of course, but that's mine.

A buddy with a 05 Yz 450 and I have those clamps and just love them. It gives you the ability to pick any line you want in a corner. No stability issues here. Get the rubber handlebar mounts. It was the best thing I ever did to my bike.

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