2005 WR450 Rear Indicator & Relay Loom

Guys i'm looking for a 2005 WR450 Rear Indicator & Indicator Relay Loom, as i don't have one of these on my bike (only the front indicator plugs are there) i'm guessing that it plugs into the main loom near the airbox and goes to the relay and also to the rear indicators and just wondered if anyone knows where i might find one or find a wiring diagram for one with part numbers if possible :thumbsup:

hey Scoobster, check out Ebay(Austr), plenty of WR parts, priced well, a bloke here in Melb. Australia will send parts o/s, and pretty good to deal with. I actually just bought a front indicator from him.. good luck

Thanks John, Could you PM or post his E-Bay ID so i can drop him an e-mail :thumbsup:

Hi Scoobster-Sorry for the delay, I couldn't get online over the w/end.

his E-Bay id is "daoradivo", and he lists on the Australian E-Bay site. he generally has heaps of listings, so should be able to help you out. Cheers

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