Can You Dyno a Dirt Bike with a Dirt Tire on it

I am not a numbers junkie, however I have made some real performance strides with my machine over factory power. I was curios what sort of numbers my bike would make. Havy any of you put a dirt bike on the dyno?

For tuning purposes you could but you will clean out your tire and the numbers will be less than expected due to slippage.

Depends on the drum. Most Bike Dynos can be bought with 2 drums one for street tires and one for dirt tires. You can always put a street tire on for test if they don't have the dirt drum

I ran my XR650 on the dyno. No problems, didn't wear the tire. This was on a dynojet dyno, I think they ran it in 5th gear, strapped the back of the bike down with straps so slipage wasn't a problem.

the bike should be fine aslong as it is strapped

You will want to swap your knobby for a slick if you want to see accurate numbers from the dyno. Knobbies spin on a dyno, strapped or not.

If you plan to do alot of tuning on the dyno drum, the knobbies to wear fast. But a couple of "pulls" won't be much wear.

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