Free POWER NOW Mod, What up?

There was some activity about a free Power Now mod the other week. Did anyone decide to post these pix--Seems like there was a JamesNow virgin of this mod? I think it was this forum, but I am over 40 so lots of stuff on me doesn't work that well anymore.

GOTTAROOST, check your PM's.

PM's...that leaves me out in the cold. Any chance you could foward some info my way?

Stay tuned... I have been working with Chris, once he approves the final version, we will have a PDF file with the pics and instructions on it ready for your downloading pleasure...


Chris has sent me some pics to my persoanl mail.

The pics were clear and he even put down instructions.

Great Job Chris !!!

It seems pretty straight forward to do and i'll see what i can do for this mod.

The effort you guys here at TT put into for the benefit of riders are amazing.

Thanks to Chris and all the guys at TT.

You guys rock and make Thumping much much better than it already is.

Here it is!... your own PowerNOW mod sheet... :):D

The PDF file with the pictures and instructions

Click it, or right click and choose "Save as..." (it's about 300KB)

Good luck, report back on your findings and experiences...

From now on in, this will be called the 'JamesNOW!' mod!!


Thanks David, you are a champion. :)

And before anyone asks, yes, it will work in the Northern Hemisphere... LOL

Just because the Coriolis effect makes water spin one way or another, depending on your hemisphere, the air being sucked into your carb has no choice...LOL


Thanks Chris and David, this will be my next mod, i can see the theory of the mod now, one thing that wasn't mentioned though, how far does the plate go past the edge??

I think it is flush with the inner edge,,, as close as possible up to the slide, without interfering with the operation of the slide...

The cut-out template is for an 02 WR426... other models may be different... but the principle is the same... smaller, more linear opening at part throttle, and perhaps some airflow-straightening effect at full throttle...

Good luck,


Hi Steve, in pic #2, it is not clearly visible, but the plate protrudes 3mm into the intake throat of the carb'. I don't think the measurements here are crucial, but 3mm worked for me. Let us know how you go. :)

Thanks, i'll try to get it done this week so i can report after the weekend, just another thought, i would guess we would want to use a material that can cool well to give a cooling affect to the mixture.

I think most important is the smoothness of the material... so it doesn't 'grab' the mixture and cause the fuel to condense on the plate... therefore leaning the mixture out...


As it is only air passing through the plate, I don't think it is all that important for the plate to be silky smooth, i'm just a freak for polishing things thats all, even if you can't see them when installed. :)

Well Done! Very clear explaination even I will be able to do this. And such modesty to point out the mistake with the first attempt. Looks like you got all the way to reinstallation before you realized what you'd done. I hate it when I do sh*t like that.

From hear the debate can evolve into material specs: alum vs stainless, thickness, smoothness, length it protrudes beyond the housing; still lots of room for flames and disbelief.

well done I have been planing to make my own ever since i saw how simple it was.damn you beat me to it. hats off to you not only for actually building it but for sharing it with such detail to the TT crew. Thanks

No worries Chris, you da man!!! Thanks for taking the time to create this for us to try out. I just wanted to ask a couple of things for clarification...

What material did you use and what is its thickness?

Did you polish it and if so, how did you do it?

Did you need to glue/attach the plate into the grooves you cut so it doesn't rattle or maybe somehow slip out backwards toward the air filter arena?

Do you think it is the same thing on a YZ as opposed to a WR?

Do you think I have asked enough questions?

GOTTAROOST, I used 1mm thick aluminium plate, I polished it with my 1hp bench grinder set up as a metal polisher with cloth buffing wheels etc, no need to glue it, as the front of the plate is wider than the intake horn of the carb', so it can't go forward, and the clamping load of the large hose clamp on the airbox intake duct should stop any chance of rearward movement, plus if you file the grooves slowly enough, you can make the press fit quite tight anyway. Just file a little bit, then check, file, check etc. I think all 426's should be the same, 400's maybe a little different, 250's i'm not sure about. The concept is the same for them all, so it wouldn't be hard to figure out measurements if your year/size bike is a little different. Good luck with it, Chris. :)

I have been contacted by the innovator of this mod' James (jmiakaike), who kindly offered another tip for this mod'. James, who has made a few of these now, has suggested that the front of the plate should be as close to the slide as possible, obviously without touching it. He said approx' 12mm, instead of the 3mm protrusion of the one I made. Mine works great at 3mm, but i'm a tinkerer, so i'll make another one this weekend, and see how it goes, thanks James, Chris.

Chris, toyrona has some more pics of the longer protrusion.

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