Wr 450 Tps

Hi newbie here,just brought an 06 wr 450 i have a very slight splutter if i hold my throttle at half way open other than this the bike is perfect. i have read if i unplug the TPS this can be cured only thing is im not at all mechanically minded and i would like some advice on how to locate and unplug the TPS.thanks guys.

on the left side next to the frame on the back/left side portion of the tank is a white plug that should be cable tied or something.. its about 2 inches in total. It big and white. you cant miss it.

I tried forever to get my bike to run right with it plugged in to no avail.

I unplugged and it runs like it's supposed to. it's like the only thing plugged into the carb. not hard to find at all.

why do you unplug the tps,do you get more power,and why dose it stutter is the jetting right?

the tps ive heard stops the ever so slight spluttering at half throttle i am experiencing.apparently its just the tps doing its job.the bike is standard with no mods except the exhaust bung has been removed.i removed the grey wire but i didnt notice much difference except it back fired more so i replaced it.its fast enough for me so i think im going to leave it alone plus if i mod it i have to jet it and as i said before im not at all mechanically minded.

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