Juice clutch problems?

I recently bought a hebo universal juice off TT and used it on my WR.

Its been great.

It makes the pull so much easier and my old cable has been sticky and hard to say the least.

I then browsed and saw the whole topic on easing your clutch pull with some mods.

I found this out only after i had bought and fixed the juice clutch up.

Question is, i am not sure if the juice clutch is all that.

Mine is by hebo and lately, i've been losing juice at the end, just at the cable after the slave cylinder.

I am not sure but does it have anything to do with the end cap at the slave cylinder?

I had mine missing but had it reaplced by a piece of plastic wrapped then zip tied down.

Almost like the rubber seal that was supposed to be there.

Maybe the whole pressure thing or ??? I am not sure ....... Help!!

I am thinking of going back to my cable set up but the few weeks that i had the juice set up, its been sweet and dreamy to use.

Anybode with a similar set up or any good advice.

I would not mind changing back to cable but my juice clucth set up would be wasted.

What say anyone???

Hey pal, you have got any pic of that Hebo clutch system?

We can have a look at it.

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