Starting an '04 YZ450

is this bike easy to start? i am looking at an 04. i ask if it is easy to start because i have an 04 kx250f and u can't start it to save your life! and yes my valves are set perfect

mine will start cold with choke in about 4 to 5 kicks, let warm up and its fine, with hot start 2 to 3 kicks max. only time I ever had a hard time starting it was when I first bought it (used) changed plug, checked valves (no adjustment) never an issue starting since.

*your milage may vary* good luck and enjoy the bike

I could almost always start my '03 cold in one kick. Screw up and it would take more. Hot, one or two, normally.

The bike is fussy about technique, but not difficult to start in the physical sense.

Same bike, same year here.

Learning the starting drill is key. On the first start of the day, I'll give her 3 twists of the throttle, choke out, then give it a complete kick. I'll hold the throttle at a high idle and push the choke back in after 20 seconds or so.

Just about every single time, she'll fire up on the very first kick.

I have heard the YZ's get fussy to start if the valves are out of adjustment.


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