Cycra PB CRM trouble

I just got the new cycra pro bend center reach mount which is their new hand guard. Well it doesn't fit on my 05' WR :thumbsup: . The arm is really long so the clamp needs to be right over top the fork cap. The compression adjuster sticks up high enough that it hits the clamp so it cannot go there. Now I got to send it back and get the old style and I'm going to be pissed if Motosport makes me pay for shipping.

While wer're on the topic which mount do you guys prefer. I like the looks of the clamp that goes to the triple tree as it would keep the clutter away from bars and cables. Let me know what you think.

as far as the tripple clamp mount goes . If I had one of those I would have had to replace it twice now . the clamp on kind allows the guard to rotate in a very hard hit . the center mount would have bent.

For me, I like the adjustability of the bar clamps as well. I had the side triple tree mounts but found the handguards too low for my taste.

I have the bar clamps as well, but they didn't come close to fitting when I got them, I had to really bend them to get them on the bars, then still I thought the bolt in the bar end was going to split the bar, but it has held up well in some big offs so far!!


i've had both the bar mount and triple clamp mount on my '05.

i prefer the triple clamp mount cycra pb. they are tough, and keep cleared from the controls. i haven't had issues with them, and the fitment was clean and easy.

i don't mind the bar mounted guards, just prefer the triple clamp mount.

I like the triple clamp mount for the same reasons stated above, they bend pretty easily so you have to straighten them out from time to time but they are without doubt "must haves" no matter how you mount them



I like the bar clamp idea better. While I've never tried the triple clamp mounts to give a fair opinion on them, from what I've read about them I don't like. I've read where people have actually warped their triple clamps in hard spills which is pricey to replace. I've also read about some people having weird vibrations in their handlebars after doing the triple clamp mounts. And from what I've read the clamp mounts that come with them are pretty cheap and bend easily, so you have to get the more expensive beefier mounts right off the bat. I've been using bar clamp mounts for years and have never had a problem with them.

For me, I like the adjustability of the bar clamps as well. I had the side triple tree mounts but found the handguards too low for my taste.
I had the triple clamp mounts and bent a few sets. I also felt they were too low, so I made some custom high mounts and bent those, too.

I like the U-clamp mounts much better. :thumbsup:

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