My Poor WR....Feeling the Pain this morning

After two years of racing my WR and the only (real) damage having been a torn plastic Radiator Shroud....O'l blue has been mistreated by my 16 year old son in his very first Hare Scramble.....

The boy was definately going to the whip early as he was in 5th place out of about 19 racers in his class as they left the MX track heading for the woods....(That Should have told me something) But I was proud that he was showing some aggressiveness.....

I had decided not to race this weekend, because the SETRA VP for Harescrambles was very sick and I stepped in to help run the electronic scoring station at the finish line. About 10 minutes into Bryans first lap I hear a very familiar sound of a 4 stroke with a WB exhaust....and to my dissapointment I see Bryan and O'l blue coming over my left shoulder (blue was coughing up steam from the left radiator) (See Photos) anyway, I've heard a couple of stories of how it happened, but neither account for the severe damage to the Devol radiator guard that I see.....I will sat that the guard functioned very well, and the only visual damage I can see so far to the radiator seems to be a torn vane in the first row to the outside. No tank damage at all....Hopefully it won't be too hard to fix.

For you SETRA guys Ron Stucky came back for the first time since winnning the A class last year and completely destroyed everyone....Man this guy can ride....Russell Bobbit (My Buddy) (A class) had a mishap before the race began and re-broke his foot again.....

Anyway....Anybody got the number for Mylers????

Bonzai :)

Hey buddy! Sorry to hear the radiator took some damage this weekend, but I had to weigh in on this topic. :)

I know you said you think the Devol's held up fine, but I hate to tell you that this definatly would not have happened with the Flatland guards. :D :D :D

We have debated this point before and I dont think we will ever agree on the better guard but mabye I can sway you a bit more now. :D :D

oh, heres Flatland's contact info:


:D :D :D :D :D;)

Ok Darin....

I take this as a "Money Back Gaurentee" that if I let Bryan race my YZ "Flatlands Already installed" and he does this again....That you are going to pick up the repair tab Right?

You're ON Big Fella....

Bonzai :)


Well, there arent any guarentees in life..

ok, mabye a few,

the sun will rise in the east and set in the west, :D

the sky is always blue, :D

Yamaha will dominate the big 4, :D

and so on...

but pound for pound, crush resistance resiliancy, (is that a word?) the Flatlands are the heavyweight champs.

so no guarantees from me, but you dont see too many posts titled: "Flatland guards sucks!" :D:):D now do you?


I found a Radiator Shop In Douglasville, GA. today that repairs motorcycle radiators and says they will not be beat.

The name of the Radiator shop is: KELL Radiator, Phone # (770) 942-0411. The Chief Radiator Surgeon is: Anthony.

I'm taking mine to him tomorrow.

Bonzai :)


If you were going to buy guards now, which flavour would you invest in? Devol or Flatland. I'm in decision mode for choosing armour for my beast. Sorry to hear about the

smack up. Better metal than meat. TC


I have laid my DEVOLS and FLATLANDS side by side and have found that the only difference is that the way that the rear brace is affixed to the shroud it's self. The DEVOL is bolted on using 2 6mm nuts and bolts and he FLATLANDS have theirs incorporated into the design. Both use the same guage aluminum, but the DEVOLS cover more of the upper and lower tank than the FLATLANDS do.

Therefor: I would say that the DEVOLS offer a bit more coverage. Mine did their job in an excellent manner, and I have no complaints. The force of the impact was great enough to bend the radiator guards, But left the Radiator for the most part intact. Had no guard whatsoever been installed, I would be ordering a $250.00 radiator instead of $35.00 to have a joint re-soldered.

Bonzai :)

There is only one solution to this problem

You will have to make your son keep the two old bikes and get yourself a pair of 450's. :)

And I second that motion wr450!

You cant ride a bike around with a bent radiator yamakaze!

May as well give it to the kids and grab yourself a nice new 450.

go on, you know you want to. :)

I really want to do that.....But.....With all the problems with the YZ450 and not knowing what the issues are going to be with the WR....I think I'll just nurse my two for awhile longer until all the bugs are worked out <Especially by Yamaha>.... That's exactly why I waited until 99 to buy what I have now....The 98's were full of bugs....

Bonzai :)

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