Rear Swingarm Bearing...

After pulling apart my swingarm and linkage on my '08 450 last weekend to regrease, i found it odd that there no bearing on the back of the engine case where the swingarm pivot shaft goes through... I realise that there are bearings in the swingarm, but would have though a lot of heat and friction would occur on the rod itself at the back of the engine casing?

Just wanted to ask what others think, and can anyone school me on whats going on...

Probably the weirdest thing ive ever asked here, but hell, i wanna know. :thumbsup:

The swing-arm bolt stays stationary in the case and frame, so there's no need for a bearing there.....the motor doesn't move. The swing-arm is the only thing moving.

I can just invision Powerage doing this right now :thumbsup: haha. It never hurts to ask.

lol... :thumbsup:


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