flywheel for a 400 the same as 426?

i have a zip ty racing fly wheel weight i scored from ebay...want to put it on my 426...looking at the zip ty racing website, they don't list a 426, only 400 and 450...

the FWW came with a stock flywheel...

is this just a bolt on deal (well, after i get the flywheel drilled and tapped to accept the weights)?

Yamaha lists different flywheels for the 400 and 426. You should contact Zip-Ty with this question.

Another thing would be to contact Steahly.

thanks gray...

well, i have flywheel it came with is one for a 400. would the flywheel from the 400 fit on amy 426? i guess my next option would be to see if the weights would go on my stock 426 flywheel...

i also got a zipty weight on ebay. i'm looking at terrycable instructions as i type this. part is 33-FWKWR and is for the yamaha WR400/426 1998-2002

i was hoping to find someone that has tried one before mounting mine.


oops. thought i was in the wr forum. sorry.

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