Speedo removal

I am going to remove the speedo on my 08 450. Don't need it, and can't read it on the fly anyway. Anyone know if the the right side YZ dust cover and spacer will go on in place of the stock odo drive? Also, will the right side YZ fork guard bolt right on? I'm guessing/hoping the answer to both is yes.

The YZ spacer will work fine but a seal is tough to keep in place because the WR hub does not have that side machined out for the seal but rather for the ODO drive, which serves as the seal on the WR...

I believe Flatland makes an ODO drive eliminator spacer and seal/cover.

I have just used the YZ spacer and YZ seal for a couple years now with double sealed bearings... it's not the best solution but it works for me assuming I will do front wheel bearings at least once a year.

Pretty sure the YZ fork guard will work but you can just remove the cable from the WR guard...

just leave the speedo part in there and put a plastic plug in it designed for hydraulic fittings its probably like a # 6 or something .

or fill the hole with silicone .

On the 08 (not sure what year they started this design) the speedo wire is epoxied into the hub drive piece, so I can't pull the wire/cable and plug the hole. I know there are aftermarket spacers avail that replace the drive, just wondered if the yz pieces would work, depending on cost. As for the fork guard, as long as I am pulling the odo, I'll switch to the yz guard for a cleaner look.

'07 WR, speedo cable is permanently mounted to its hub drive also. I use the Flatland aluminium spacer, as described above, and it works great.

Here's the link.

WR Odo Spacer

I just noticed it says up to '07. You might want to drop them a email to see if it fits your '08. I think it will but not 100% sure.

The YZ spacer and a seal are far cheaper than the flatland odo eliminator but the flatland odo eliminator will give you a much better seal... so it might be a trade off... I seem to beat bearings up enough that they need replacing once or twice a year regardless... so for me the yz spacer and inferior seal are good enough.

Just did. My expectation is that it is the same as 07. Thanks guys.

You should check around for a good deal on used YZ front wheel... there are many years and models that will fit on the WR... then you have the WR wheel as a spare for the races... god knows we all love having spare wheels but few of us spend the $ :thumbsup:

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