Headlight bulb upgrade...

I could do with a bit more light up front. I realise i could go with a proper HID kit, but im just after an upgraded bulb at the moment for a bit of extra light.

Anyone reccommend one for me please? Seems to be quite a few on ebay but not sure which to go for. Cheers. :thumbsup:

I just got this one and tried it out over thanksgiving.


It works a lot better than stock great for getting home from a late ride.

I would be careful about High speed riding or racing at night without a real light setup. This is still no race light

Stater modifications are not necessary on any WR426 and later bike with this bulb

I tried to identify this bulb through the PIAA web site with no luck so I bought it direct from BD.

The big problem here is we don't know what year bike you have , so we don't know what headlight bulb it takes.

Ah sorry, its an 08 WR450. The one above sounds good though.

I did the HID upgrade for around $120 with stator and HID set up. Its Awesome and easy to do. Best $$$ ever spent. Good luck!

Anyone who rides these motorcycles offroad in the dark has a death wish. The manufacturer was only trying to protect you by equipping the motorcycle with a crappy headlight.:thumbsup:

I do the largest 24 hour race in the country with my stock headlight converted to HID and a great HID Helmet light. I am not racing Baja at 70-80 MPH at night but there are sections where we do hit 50-60MPH. Works great for me.

Thanks for the replies. To be honest i just want something better for the road ride home thats all. I very rarely ride off road in the dark (due to the crappy headlight actually), and usually start to head back when it does start to get dark so just need something that will light the road up a bit more. :thumbsup:

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