Recommend graphics for Clarke tank?

I am installing a Clarke tank and seat on my WR426. Could anybody recommend some graphics for the tank and shrouds. I am looking for the most coverage and coolest looking. (Maybe an American flag motif?)

I am in the middle of no-where Kansas, so if I had the same graphics as someone else, you won't have to see them!

Thanks from Devo!

Devo,Try Ceet graphics,picked up graphics for my IMS tank from them.I think they have Clarke graphics available as well.Not much of a selection for aftermarket tanks though,good luck :)

Thanks RSA210. There really isn't a whole lot to choose from, is there!

I've done some research on this to answer my own question. Clarke Mfg. tells me that the WR/YZ conversion tank/seat is an oversized YZ tank. The part numbers for YZ and WR shrouds are the same. (everybody but me probably already knew that...) So I am going to order graphics for a YZF, and if I get the combo, I'll have the extra seat cover for the YZ SDG seat.

I hope this helps someone else with the same question!

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