Just got off the phone with Cannondale

They are still shipping and in business(so they say)I spoke with them earlier today, I hope it's just a rumer, that they are going out of business. They do build a great bike, but its hard to survive, on this type of bike. Look at Honda and Yamaha, Their number one saling bikes are the xr and ttr kids, and small trail bikes. I hope Cannondale can make it through , but i guess if they dont, I will hold onto my bike and maybe one day it will be a collectors idem, worth millions!!!!! I hope the sweet lady who answers the phone at Cannondale knows what she is talking about when she said " we are still here shipping and working hard, and it's just a rumer".

general employee's are always the last to know whats going on and always the first to get the shaft , i bet all senior management that f**ked up the motorsports division will settle nicely into their new offices in the bicycle division like nothing ever happened . :)

Seems pretty straight forward. Sounds like Jayden has collector's edition on his hands.


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