Leak Down Tester

Does anybody have any plans (or know of plans) to create a Home-made Leak down tester? The one I found at motion-pro was WAY to expensive to buy for such minimal use.



I don't know what you consider to expensive but JEG'S or Summit racing equipment have them for 69 bucks. The dual guage set up is easy to use. The valving requires an orifice that is critical as far as dimensions so it would make building your own a trial and error deal at best. I bought mine at Summit Racing and am very happy with it. You will need to make an adapter for it to fit the threads in your YZ motor though. I happened to teach machining at a vocational school so the adapter was no big deal.

Terry C

Now that's a good price. Motion Pro wanted $187 for their set..



Can you measure the orofice diameter and post it?

What reading do you get on your bike and how do you measure(hot, cold...) I got 7% leak on my WR with 10000km(~6000ml) cold. I'm wandering what will get from just broken in engine???

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