Comparing '07 and '08 YZ450F cams to WR450F items


There's always talk of this changing and that changing in intake and exhaust cam profiles between the YZs and WRs etc.

What exactly did change between the '07 and '08 YZ450F cams and the '07 and '08 WR450F cams?

Has anyone ever actually measured them, (all eight of them) or is it all just second hand hearsay?

I've been curious about this for months and don't have access to anything but my own '08 WR450F cams.

I intend to measure these next time I do a valve clearance check, for the record.

I may only be able to accurately measure the lift, but I'll have a go at the duration as well after reading up a bit more on how to do it.


Check the part numbers

The '07 YZ cam set has a wider lobe center angle than the '06 YZ, which is wider than any WR. The '08 YZ set is wider yet, yielding more top end and less low end. The grind profile is also more aggressive on the '08. The '06 WR uses the same intake as the '06 YZ, but an exhaust with less lobe center offset. The '07 and '08 WR's both use the same WR specific cam set.

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