Cheap WR450F's ?????

Where are the best deals on WR's? I cna get an 08 OTD for $6599 including an FMF Power Core slip on. I'm not interested in the pipe but I am interested in a better deal.

With the economy in the shape it's in someone has to be dealing on these things. The qestion is WHO???

Any help woould be appreciated.


that price sounds good to me...?

All i kow is that its really cheap compared to over here in the UK. That bike would be at least £5000 for a new 08 model without exhaust, so that would be around $7500.

My dealer had an 07 in stock in late August. I tried to buy it from him and he wasn't willing to budge on the price. Last I saw it was still sitting there collecting dust.

I bought my 08 from a different dealer and it was cheaper than they wanted for the 07 that he claimed they were selling 'at cost'... yeah right.

I think I may have to send them this link... just to stir the crappot a little.

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