flu graphics

hi looking at a set of Flu Designs 2009 ts1 graphics for my 1999 wr400 i was wondering if anyone here has a wr with these graphics on.and if so can you pop a pic up of them fitted cheers dj

yer i like the flu graphics too and i'm also thinking about buying them. whats the cheapest place you found them from.

The ones ive seen are on ebay mate/not seen em anywhere else yet.if i find them cheaper ill sen you a pm


Not sure whether mine are '08 or '09 but I bought them about month or two ago. I only bought the tank stickers.

Here's a shot of mine if that's any help....



cheers greg thats a mint wr you got yourself

cheers greg thats a mint wr you got yourself

Thanks mate!

Believe me, it's not always that clean.

I normally flog the crap out of it in the muddy/dusty bush, it's only done 50 or so km in this motard form.


Motard Is Fun Isnt It... I Ride Mine Like That Too Sometimes 20 Min Go In The Dirt If I Had To Have Only One Bike That Would Be It

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