Pro-Tapers for the xr 650

i have a 2002 xr 650. I was considering buying a new top triple clamp that would relocate the bar forward and up so that i wouldnt have the "chopper effect" (bars in lap) feeling when i ride the bike...Are there other 650 riders who have tackled this mod? If so what upper tripple clamp did you use as well as what pro taper bar bend did you use. I apppreciate any advice you would offer

Are there other 650 riders who have tackled this mod?

There's tons of XR650R riders that have done this, me included. I went with the Scotts forward mount damper package that included the Scotts triple clamp and ProTaper CR-HI bend bars. I've been very happy with the extra cockpit room. I believe BRP makes Scott's top clamps, so you can get the same thing from them. You can almost always find XR650R top clamps on Ebay that accept the ProTaper bars. If you're going to buy a Scotts or GPR damper someday, make sure the top clamp you get accepts the damper of your choice addition to ProTaper bars.

If you're taller like me (6'5"), then the new bars in addition to moving them up and forward will make a very nice difference. Another very nice option that I don't see discussed much are the IMS Pro pegs. They're expensive to some folks, but they make a very significant difference in terms of keeping your feet planted.

qadsan's right on with BRP making the Scott's tripple clamps. Even just installing a CR High bend will make a BIG difference. The Scott's/BRP set up will also move the bar mount a few mm forward to give you a little more room too. Really, just pick whatever brand you want for the clamps, but the CR high bend seems to sell the most and appears to be the most comfortable for most people.

Has anyone ever tried the Thumper Racing bar risers? They are supposed to move the bar forward and up 1.5".

Why yes I have installed the risers up and away 1.5. I like them very much and I have the protapers CR high as well. I am 6'6" so this is needed and I highly recommend if you are over 6'3". One draw back, the cables are barely long enogh to accomodate. I will need to get a longer cable for the Decomp. lever as is workable but should be longer. I can send a picture if you need.

Has anyone ever tried the Thumper Racing bar risers?

When I was looking into ergonimic options for taller riders back in 2001, I talked with at least a half dozen XR650R riders who used the Thumper Racing bar risers and they all liked them very much just like bigtom17 does. I almost bought a set, but decided to try a damper so I went with the top clamp instead.

Had Applied clamps with Pro-tapers but switched to a forward mounted Scott damper. They're in my garage and are for sale (Applied Clamps and NIB Pro-tapers CR-HIs) PM if interested. Probably will put them on E-bay some day, just can't remember my log-on. :)

i have the Thumper Racing bar risers with renthal jimmy button bars. iam 6'4" and i love em! :) had them on my xr 600 also.


The cables are what I have been concerned about with the risers. It looks like they might come up a little short.

jws did you have any problem with the cables being to short?

bigtom17 if you get a chance send me a pic at

Thanks everyone :)

the cables will work. you just have to route the clutch and comp. release cables a little different. on the throtle side instead of the cables being right on top of the bars i had to turn them down toward the back of bike a little. it is a tight fit but it works and you can still turn bars all the way back and forth without pinching or kinking the cables :)


Another thing to check is the actual bar width. The CR High's that I got from Danco were 1 1/2' wider than my stock bars. I prefer the original width, so cut them back down to stock. You might get some slack that way too.

I ran the Scott's upper triple clamp because I thought some day I might also run the damper...well, I got the damper, and what a difference! Get the triple clamp, and then talk yourself into getting a damper, you won't regret it! :)

Thanks to everyone for the advice on the bar risers. I think I'll give em a try. A new clamp and steering damper sounds nice but I'm too poor to buy all those gizmos. :)

I run the "Jimmy Button" bend Renthals with the 1.5" bar risers and I couldn't get the stock clutch cable to work. It might have if I could have run it on the bike side of the bars, but I use Acerbis Rally Pro handguards and had to route it on the outside of the bars and back through between the risers and bars. When I turned the bars all the way to the right, it was pulling in the clutch slightly. The compression release cable was just barely long enough, but works. It just begins to move when turning fully to the right, but doesn't actuate. The throttle cables worked fine. The throttle cables have to be re-routed to be above the tank bolt and above the radiator equalization hose. I purchased a clutch cable from Service Honda that I think came off of a XL650. It doesn't have the bend in it like the original, but works fine.

there is a pic of the thumper racing bar risers on a 650 and you can kind of see how the cables are at look in the photo section under tall bars :)


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