Which exhaust is the quietest? a different question

What db is the pipe you like the best?

And is it best to buy the header pipe also?

Assuming it helps with power and is lighter than the stock exhaust, but worth the money.


If you want quiet - stick with the stock pipe. Anything that gives you a noticable boost in power will be louder than stock. Most will be much louder - I had an E-Series on my 2000 WR - pretty loud, but what a difference in power and throttle response over stock. P.Z.

I am using a FMF Q series and find it very acceptable. It was tested by a forest ranger at 94 dec. My buddy is using a Big Gun quiet core and it too is quiet. It has a deeper sound than the FMF.

On the FMF power is softer at the low end, but improved the mid. The Big Gun did the opposite, more low end and less mid.

If you want quiet on the 426 and don't want to spend the rent money, install a vortip on the stock pipe. It's almost as much power as the pipe open and is VERY acceptable as far as noise. If you want to spend a lot of money, go ahead, you will get weight loss and a little better performance, but you will make no person who wants bikes out of the back country happier about the noise level. Get a grip guys, these bikes have plenty of power for offroad use except in the open desert.. None of you need the extra power in the woods...

Quite, if you want, and cheap. Does a good job of unplugging the exhaust.

Exhaust Tip :)

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I would also recommend an exhaust tip as a very cost effective and noise friendly solution. I used a Vortip for awhile and the noise and performance was very good for the price. I did end up spending the money on a Big Gun Quiet Series and am happy with that as well.

One thing that I experienced with the Vortip, though, was I had a hard time finding good jetting for it. I always had a bad spot show up on constant throttle near the bottom and could not jet it out. Once I took it out and ran unplugged, my jetting cleaned up nicely. I also had no problems jetting the BG system. It would be nice if someone could sort through the jetting on this because it is such a practical solution with respect to noise and performance for trail riding.

neWRiver, I'm working on it very slowly (vortip jetting)

I've got great snap 0 to 1/2 throttle, and good top end but I've got some work to do in between.

Buy a stock yz pipe and put a pmb endcap with quietcore insert on it. like $160 and easy to install. the cool part is in about 3 minutes time you can go from wide open mx pipe to forest legal quiet pipe. looks good too.

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? for bambislayer did you find PMB SA and quiet cap affect your jetting or performance, I have a WR400/YZpipe/YZtimed that my friend and original owner jetted perfectly, no bog anywhere plenty of snap, revs high, lots of torque...I am concerend with exhaust changing that may mess up a good running bike, my friend mentioned the bike may be a little lean still so the PMB might only richen it some, give it more bottom and probably lose some top end which may be fine since we love to ride tight singletrack woods/rock trails in New England. You sound happy with your purchase.

My stock YZ pipe with Pro Moto billet S/A is surprisingly quiet, also others have mentioned on how quiet it is. Have not yet done DB test though. Huge weight loss and gobs of power all through the power band. (I love it when one tells another, he don't need no mo stinkin power!)


if you want quiet go buy an XR 200

I've got quiet, 3rd gear roll on wheelies. Save the XR200 for the kid.

-and I'm still not done jetting.

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