WR250F stator fit in YZ426F ?

Hey guys, I have searched in several sections on the forums, cannot find answer.

I am piecing together a dual sport conversion on my 2001 YZ 426F. From reading here, sounds like I need light kit, and more powerful stator (sounds like WR stator & flywheel are preferred). And tag, mirror, etc. I plan to power an electrosport style kit: headlight, tail light, blinkers.

I have found a stator / flywheel for sale from a 2001 WR 250F. Any idea if this will work in my 426, will it fit, enough power, etc? CDI issues?

Thanks for any help you might offer. Joe

WR426 and WR250 share the same part numbers for stator and rotor. As I know a couple of folks who have put WR ignitions on YZs, you shold be good to go. If I remember right, there's a wiring mod that needs to be done, though. Search this forum and you should find the info you need. If you are going to run just AC, you should go after the voltage regulator as well. If you are going to run DC, either Baja Designs or Trail Tech make good units.

thanks birdy426 for the feedback on the stator exchange.

I think I read somewhere that the 01 WR250 stator output is 130w. and I think I read the same watt output for the WR 426 stator.

yeah, I remember reading in this forum about the wiring mod. I will search that one again.

Any other words of caution or advice on the stator / flywheel exchange?


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