Feb- 1st Utah ride?

On Feb 1 Desert11h and myself are going to ride at Dubinki. If interested we will be camped by the dunes(White Wash).

When are you going? I'm working on making something happen this weekend? Do you know the area very well?

Jadenhyrum, right on bro! Desertd11 who is from around that erea knows real good. Were going to ride the all trails that they used to ride on back in the 80's. We will be riding the course that we raced last year. Hay bro, I live in Riverton not to far away. See what you can do, it will be some awsome riding. Any more info p.m me. :)

What area is that in? A group of us went out to knolls last weekend. It was a total blast! We are also planning to ride on feb first. Maybe we'll come with you? Feel free to call me at 556-8082. My e-mail is onefastctd@hotmail.com. Rock on! :)


One fast. I dont think your email is working. Ten mile is near Greenriver, planning on going down early saturday morning, call me if you need directions 801-642-0070 ask for Gary or email me at www.ggoodwin@oceanwest.com

LMK the final plans as I can make it as well. "Blackie" might be joining us too.

330-7886 Danny r1inkailua@hotmail.com

Hey JADENHYRUM, We are going to be camped at white wash. It is easy to find just take exit 173 wich is 13 miles east of green river then go another 12 miles south on the dirt road. You will see some signs that say rubbie ranch and white wash sand dunes. You will be able to see the dunes from the road. We will be in a silver chevy truck and will bolth be on yz 426's. Where we are going to be is not far from ten mile wash so we should all be able to hook up and ride. Hope to see ya all there.

Jayden and Live to Ride. Send me an e-mail. allinson@etv.net

Saturday isn't going to work for me cuz I need to work. Sunday is my day off, so let's do it that day if possible.

I dunno what's up with my e-mail. It's always worked before. You shouldn't have any problems. :)

Chris :D

Hey allinson, come on man this isn't a mountain bike site :)

Me and about four or five others are going to be at White wash at around 9:oo or so, saturday morning, We are just going to get up early and come down. Should have a couple of Yz, an old Wr, and one of those collector fuel injected Cannondales(me)

How long is the drive and do you mind if I tag along?? LMK...............db

330-7886 Danny

Jeremy, you want to hook up at Rays Saturday?

I have a change of plans. Please count me out. Perhaps next time. Thanks anyways.................db :)

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