Should i buy an XR650 or KTM 625 SXC

Hello ... I looking for good feedback on the XR650. Today I own a XR600 1986 and love it.. She's a bit heavy and tough to start. I'm hoping the 650 is a new bike lighter and easier to start. Your feedback very welcome. Does it compare well against the KTM.


...I'm hoping the 650 is a new bike lighter and easier to start...

The XR600 is actually a tad bit lighter than the XR650R, but the XR650R feels fairly light once its under way and its still the kind of Baja. Where you feel the weight is on steep downhills or on very technical / tight twisty terrain that requires crawling in first gear. It's also not a MX bike, but other than that, the bike loves to scream whether its on a fire road, across the desert, in the sand, down a twisty trail, climbing hills, riding trails with my kids or friends, etc. It's also very reliable and there's tons of aftermarket support for this bike as well.

Here's some articles to read on the XR650R that also mentions the XR600.

Based on a post I recently read from "stonewall" here on TT, the XR650R weighs in at 302 lbs when its full of fuel and ready to ride according to the May 2000 issue of Dirt Rider. The Honda spec sheet says its 277 lbs dry. Here's some other ready to ride weights on different bikes for comparison.

Suzuki DRZ400E=295 lbs

KTM520 E/XC=272 lbs

Husaberg FE600E=285 lbs

Honda XR400R=278 lbs

Yamaha WR400F=276 lbs

Kawasaki KLX300=271 lbs

Thanks for the info... What's it like to start when Hot?

With the stock carb, it's usually fairly quick to start cold or hot if its properly tuned / jetted (just a few kicks), but if you lay the bike down for some reason :), then it will require more effort.

This looks like a job for Danco! :) Hey Danco, give this guy the 411!

This looks like a job for Danco!

Yeah...Danco rides an Orange XR650R, or was it a Red KTM525 :). His new bike would look better with some stock XR graphics on it :D. That would catch a few looks, eh?

He's going "Full Vader" and getting Black Plastic! Go Danco! :)

Well I guess I'll wait for the infamous Danco.. I thought there would be more opinions.

Thanks Anyway ! :)

Danco is the man, especially if you need good used parts! :)

Try doing a search for KTM 625 on this forum and you should get some hits as of about 2-3 weeks ago. That was him trying to sell off his XR parts trying to scrape the money together for the Deer Hunter special, an orange KTM.

My advise is open terrain, XR650R

Woods, tight trails, KTM. My bud has a KTM 620 and does pretty well on it. He's about 5 '6" and probably wouldn't fare well on the XR. Probably would have issue starting the thing.

Marcw, The reason that I feel that Danco would be a good person to get feed back from is that he just sold his BRP and went to the "Orange Side" with a new 2003 525. Personally I have yet to ride a Katoom. From what I understand they are all that and more. All I can tell you is that The BRP is a better bike than what I expected after reading all the tests. I'm 5'9" & 170. The bike fits me like a glove. I ride mostly desert but I love to rage through technical rides and the Pig fills the bill very nicely. No complaints or "other bike envy". I feel the the XR650R is Great Bang For The Buck. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it! Now where's Danco? :D I thought he'd be here by now! :)

I had a 2002 BRP and loved the bike in the wide open. It didn’t do bad in tighter stuff, you just had to work a little harder. I have been on a 2003 KTM 525 EXC since August and I absolutely love the thing. If I could only have one bike, I wouldn’t go back to the BRP. However, I wish I had one on the side. I don’t know if this helps you. What I am trying to say is, you can’t beat the BRP for wide open desert and in my opinion you can’t beat the KTM for an all around bike. My 525 hauls in the open stuff as well and works like magic in the tighter trails. It just doesn’t have that Cadillac feel that the BRP has in the wide open desert. The SXC looks like it would be a closer cousin to the BRP that the EXC is.

My .02

Another point to note is Qadsan is working an auto clutch group purchase. I think the price tag was going to be around $400 or something. An auto clutch would make the BRP a descent woods bike if you got the strength to toss her around the trees.

Hey FooBar

I think my BRP is a decent woods bike. I can toss her around quite nicely, thank you. :D

That auto clutch would be sweet though. I just need to scrape up some funds. You should get one and let me try it out when you get here. :)

Oh, I forgot. :) My 650R starts easy hot or cold. Sometimes she gets a little ornery after being upside down but that is just incentive to keep her right side up.

I bet the trees are shakin already! With a BRP, there's plenty of straight lines in the woods! :)

Well .. I'm picking up my 2003 XR650 on Tuesday. I'll report back once i've made her my own ie 55hp and a few other mods

Thanks for all the feedback!!!


Marc :)

Welcome, Pig Brother! :)

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