Tall seat

So how tall should you be to run a tall seat? Im just short of 6 ft but my legs are not really that long ( 31 inseam) I have an 06 and i am running a step seat but i dont really notice it helping and it seem like i have to work to get up on the tank. I have heard they help. Thanks for the input.

if your seat is a step seat then it dips and would thus make it harder to get really far up on the tank. try a reg height seat, possibly with a hump or something added to the back.

a tall seat would prob be too tall for you, as im 5'11 and i tried one and it was way too tall, and i have pretty long legs.

Nearest i can tell it is not shorter in the front, just taller in the back. I measured it next to the stock seat

I am 5'11" and the taller seat helped me 100% on my 06. The taller seat is flatter on top allowing you to shift your @$$ to the front of the bike with less effort....and it helps the front end bite better for better cornering. I have a tall soft compound Gutz Racing and a medum density SDG foam seat that I swap around. The SDG works better for shifting weight, the Gutz is like sitting on space foam....very very cushy on the tushy

Thanks for the input. MIght have to find one and give it a try

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