DOT tire recommendations?

My next set of tires will be DOT to keep the rangers happy. Anyone have a recommendation? I mostly want dirt traction. I ride about 80% off road in a variety of conditions, soft silt, rock, sand and a little mud. I am not that concerned with wear, after buying tires for my street bike, dirt tires are cheeeeeep.


Dunlop 606 rear!

I use the Pirelli MT44 or32 on front and Kenda Trackmaster II on back. This is my best combo for eastern woods.

check out that review of the trials tire on the home page here on TT, I think its a M-11??? anyway, it seems to offer very good dirt traction and its DOT leagal. There is the old wizzer trick for making your dirt tires DOT cool for the rangers anyway,,,, just wizz of the NOT part of the NOT HIGHWAY APPROVED on the tire,, :)

I have a set of Dunlop D903's. The work well on hardpack but suck in sand or mud. I'll sell them cheap if anyone is interested. They have 95% of the tread left on them.I only used them to get my bike inspected.

Dunlop Tires


Why are the rangers concerned with DOT approval?

Just curious

DOT tires suck off road period. I run Dunlop 756s front and back. The pavment beats em up pretty bad but I mostly ride trails anyway. Also our dealers sell all dunlops for 49.95 ea. sometimes with free mounting! I'd rather risk the ticket than ride on crappy rubber.

How does the dunlop 606 hold up on pavement?



I am curious as heck

Why are the rangers pestering you on DOT Tires?

You Said

My next set of tires will be DOT to keep the rangers happy.

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Originally posted by ejr:

How does the dunlop 606 hold up on pavement?

1400 miles of baja.

20% pavement.

52 rwhp 444cc wr-f 15/42 gearing wfo.

Rear tire 75% living.

E.G.O. Sorry for Late reply. Several of the parks I ride have roads in which you must be street legal. Some of the trails at Gorman, CA (Hungry Valley) you can only access by running on the paved road. Ranger there kicked me off the main road quoting DOT tires etc. Thats when I posted the question on the metal tank issue. Another time in Lucerne Valley, CA I got lost, found a county dirt road that headed back to my camp. I got stopped by the ranger, just cautioned me on my choice of roads. So far no tickets.



That sucks, I can understand why but that is the most rediculas thing I have heard yet for a OHV's outside of sound checks.

So you can get a ticket becouse your tires are not DOT. I was wondering if they pull any of those Hardly Ableson bike over with the straight pipes and check them for Sound as the do dirt bikes.

I saw 3 bikers pull into Hollister hills the other day, No sound check no nothing right past the ranger station. I was told I have a few more days to get checked.

Thats were I proudly pointed to me little passed sticker,,,,

Well Sorry for the tiraid, thanks YamaMoto


So far I have about 600 miles up in the Sierras (Kennedy Meadows, Isabella/Kernville and higher elevations around the Bean Canyon area) on my DOT legal Dunlop 606 and 905F tires. Overall, I like this setup as much as the 695AT/756 combination I used the last couple of years. I have found the 606 rear hooks up a little better than the 695AT on the hard pack, and almost as well as well in the deep, loose stuff. It seems to be a little easier to break loose on slick dirt roads than the 695. However, it was always predictable and well behaved. Sidewall stiffness between the two seems to be about the same. The 905F worked really well on dirt roads and the hard packed stuff and not as well as the 756 in the sand and mud. Like what has been mentioned above, the wear resistance on both tires has been excellent. Maybe the best I've ever seen. It is also nice to know in the back of your mind that there is one less thing you will have deal with if the cops ever question the legitimacy of your dual sported bike.

Good luck,


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