Timing 2000 yz426f

Need to know how to check and set Timing on a 2000 yz426f. Looked at manual could not find anything. Still have starting problem.

Timing is in the manual, you should look one more time. But here is the readers digest version. On each cam sprocket you will find timing marks. Set the engine to TDC, the easiest way to do this is by placing a straw into the plug hole and turn the crank to the piston's highest point. With the engine at TDC, the lobes on both cams should be pointing away from each other. If they are not then you are 180 degrees out and need to rotate the crank one time until you are back at TDC again. Once you are in this condition, the timing marks should line up with the top of the head where the valve cover sits. Hope this helps.


If you are talking about ignition timing, there is no adjustment possible or necessary. The timing is based on a magnetic signal from the trigger coil to the CDI, and the timing is varied by the black box based on throttle load and engine speed.

Cam timing IS in the manual. However, 90% of starting problems with a 426 originate in the carb. Getting the idle circuit set correctly is critical.



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