PDF of manual

Unless I'm blind, has anyone posted the factory service manual for the 06 wr450 yet? If not, anyone care to share a file? Thanks..

that's the owner manual. i was looking for a shop manual. thanks

I think that if you read more than the first word on the cover page you will realize that Yamaha offers the manual as an Owners service manual, which is exactly what you were looking for. :thumbsup: WR Dave

My ignorance has show. Sorry but I am not used to the dealer providing a free shop manual. Anyway.. thanks.

I am not used to the dealer providing a free shop manual.

Yamaha has always offerd the shop manual with it's competition Off-Road bikes. Just another reason most of us are fans of the blue bikes. Good Luck with your bike maintenance :thumbsup: WR Dave

I always take my manualin teh truck wen we ride, but I've never needed it. I'm going to download the pdf and put it on my Crackberry so I always have it, even on the trail. It may be hard to read, but possible in a pich.

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