How much is too much?

I searched the forums for the answer to this question, to no avail.

I recently purchased an '04 YZ 450, and I am now on my second oil change. The first oil change (last weekend) went smoothly. I added about 35 ounces, and the oil level showed about 3/4 on the dipstick.

However, I just finished changing the oil tonight (oil filter, as well) and added about 36 ounces. I noticed that the oil level on the dipstick was at about 1/2 after letting the bike idle for 2 minutes. So, I went back and added about 2 or 3 more ounces, let it idle for 2 minutes, and noticed that the oil dipstick was slightly over the maximum fill line.

My question is this: Is it ok to run the bike slightly over the maximum fill line on the dipstick? Do I need to drain a little oil before I go to the track tomorrow? I am guessing that I have about 38-39 ounces of oil in it, and it is just over the max after just letting it idle for a couple of minutes.


The '03-'05 can be run with as much as 1.5 qts total in the system without a problem. They have the same physical capacity as the older 426 did, but the dip stick was relocated and the called for oil fill reduced to save weight.

Thanks gray, I took your advice and ran it like it was with absolutely no issues. I really appreciate your help.

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