Im considering a xr650r, How hard is it to kickstart this thing?

I think you'll likely get different opinions on this, but I've been able to start mine with just my hand to see if I could, but wouldn't recommend doing so. This bike is way easier to start than the old Suzuki TM250 or TM400's if you've ever tried starting one those (they've been known to break bones from a kickback!). It just requires a well timed smooth but strong kick and she'll fire right up (unless you've laid your bike down). If you weigh over 200 lbs, then it will be that much easier to kick over. My 14 year old son whose about 6' / 150 lbs starts my XR650R, but its a bit of work for him.

Very Little VooDoo required. If that is your only concern, get this bike. You will not be sorry. It's THAT good!

crap, Im 5'9 and weight 160lbs

My cr500 is a pain to start. But I think there is something wrong with the timing.

I just dont want to buy the xr650r not ever seeing it operate.

Any VA/mD/PA xr650r's guys want to let me kickstart their bike!!!

I dont want to get a bike that i am not strong enough to start :)

crap, Im 5'9 and weight 160lbs

I wish I had that power to weight ratio. There's a lightweight aftermarket e-start kit that will soon be available for the XR650R, but it will cost about $1300 :)

One of the XR650R guys from the Yahoo group I talk with is about 6' tall and weighs in at about 160. He has no problems starting his bike. If you want to talk with him, send me a PM and I'll give you his email address. Several XR650R Pro racers I've talked with weigh significantly under 200 lbs and they start this bike without any problems. If you can start your CR500, then you should have no problems starting this bike unless you dump it, but this can be remedied in a number of ways.

You should also be aware that the XR650R is setup from the factory for a rider weighing about 160 ~ 170, so the stock front and rear springs will be close to perfect for your weight. You've just saved yourself $200 in springs by being the perfect weight :D, so use that $200 towards a damper, a pumper carb, etc, :D

Go to the gym and eat more protein. :) The BRP is not hard to start, just 75% technique. Plenty of post in this department. Just answered a post a few weeks ago on starting routine. There's also a techinque on starting after a wreck. I'm 5'10' and 180. This thing starts in 2-3 kicks, when I hit 5 kicks I get off and look around and usually find the gas is turned off.

Crap, 160 lbs, you would fly on this beast. Look Ricky Charmical, he's a runt and probably doesn't wiegh more than a buck forty!

Go to the dealer and through a leg over one and see if it's comfy.

The XR650 is easy to start once you have the technique sorted out. Mine starts easily enough with half kicks. As for the CR500 it can be nearly impossible to start from dead cold, I know from experience as I have both. I give mine half kicks with out the decomp lever. Every second stroke is compression so this is where you give the effort. Lot easier than full strokes.

Scorch Buddy, You're thinking too much! Just do it. I'm 5'9" 170 (the more I am riding the lighter I'm getting!). The Pig is piece of cake to start. I start it in my flip flops after I wash it (kids, don't try this at home! :)) It IS in the technic but there is no lighting candles or bowing to the north like on the "Blue Side" :D. I have a CR 500 too. Now, I'm not saying that everyone that rides it can start it, but there are some tricks to do and I can usually light her up Pronto Burger! Get the PIG!! You will not be sorry! :D

Hubby can kickstart the Pig in his flip flops. I can kick with tennis shoes. --- GO FOR IT! --- We recently bought a CR500 - I don't quite have the kick technique down yet - but I've only tried one day! If you can kick the CR you shouldn't have any problems with the XR.

naw, no problems at all.

there are plenty of desert racers racing the 650r and we have to do dead engine starts...that means when the banner drops you kick and go. knock on wood but i have yet to have a two kick start or worse with either of my xrs. can't say the same about the katooms and yzfs.

i just jixed myself so i hope this helps.

nuff said.


ive got a xr600 the engine runs really hot and about 4 weeks ago it kickback on starting it and broke my foot any clue wot the prob is ?

Mine can be a pain when it gets hot while running cheaper gas. Also if the valves get tight.


On a more serious note, resurrecting an old thread like this just to ask a general tech question is usually discouraged. First use the search feature, then start a new topic if you haven't found an answer in the archives. Hard starting and hot running are two topics that are covered just about weekly around here. That works out to about 268 times since this thread was last used in January of 2003.

Im 5"10 155 pounds, and i can kick start the R first kick every time, when cold. Full choke, comp release in, kickstart over 2-3 times with throttle half open. Then half choke, and kick it like you wanta hurt it, and the bike roars to life:applause:

It just takes some getting used to.

It's easy to start. If you're starting a 500, it is different. TDC for the 500, 1-3 kicks for me. The 650R pull the decomp and kick till it sputters or starts. If it kicks and sputters, pull the decomp again. My buddy with bad knees, 165lbs,5'10" starts it usually no problem. He has owned one since 2000. Rarely do I have to take my 275lb ass to start it for him.

ive got a xr600 the engine runs really hot and about 4 weeks ago it kickback on starting it and broke my foot any clue wot the prob is ?

Adjust the valves, adjust the decompressor, in that order.

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