My '03 YZ450F wants to stall after hitting water

Every time I hit a water hole, my bike starts spitting and sputtering and I have to keep hard on the gas to keep it from stalling. It seems like it is tightening up in the pistons. It is then hard to kick over for the first couple of times, but will then start up. Is this normal?

someone somewhere on this forum told me to raise the two clear tubes that come from the TOP of the carb and go down with all other clear tunes. Lay them under the fuel tank to the head tubes. "deep water stalling" issue gone. Voila!

... Voila!
Damn! You spelled it right. Why is it that a Russian's English is better that most of ours? (OK, "voilà" is French. You know what I mean) :thumbsup:

The point about the vent hoses is correct IF the stalling is happening while the bike is in water up to the frame cradle. Pull the top two hoses that exit the carb vertically up from their present location and route them either into the air box or up under the tank. That way, the float bowl will continue to vent when the other lines are submerged.

OTOH, if this is happening due to water splashed up and onto the engine, it's more likely electrical.

If the bike stalls in the water, DO NOT start it while the bottom of the breather tube is submerged. You can suck water into the crankcase that way. Either push the bike out to higher ground, or pull the breather tube free and tuck the end in somewhere above the water line.

Thanks For The Info I Will Give It A Try

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