07 update questions..

So I've finally decided to update my 07 instead of selling it after 2 seasons and about 50 crashes.

I want to try and make the power smoother and the suspension and handling better so I can do more than just 10 - 15 minute motos on it without feeling like my arms are 2 inches longer...and plus, I want it to look good again :thumbsup:

So far I've put a 'Doug Henry' GYTR white/red/black sticker kit on it aswell as a GYTR Black gripper seat cover, ProCircuit T4 Slip on muffler, R&D adjustable leak jet and a ProCircuit Fuel screw.

I'm in the process of sorting out my wheels to be anodised black, making a few little bits and pieces, getting my suspension completely sorted out once and for all by a proper suspension tuner and having the motor and jetting checked out by a mechanic as i just don't have time to do that sort of stuff at the moment.

I was just wondering what weight flywheel would anyone recomend? The 4.9kg or 6.15kg GYTR Flywheel kit?

And seeing as I already have a GYTR billet top tripple clamp so I've been searching for a GYTR bottom billet tripple clamp but the cheapest i can find one is around the $600Aus mark. So I've changed that plan and I'm thinking of getting a 22.5mm offset ProTaper Clamp kit. Does anyone recomend these or are that no good?

Or is there anything else anyone recomends I should do to it?

All up I'm looking at spending around $1500 on the bike over the next month or 2 so I want to spend my money wisely so that whatever it is I buy will last me until my next bike when ever that may be.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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