YZ250 Kick start lever on a YZ426

Hey guys, I need a new kick start assembly for my 01' 426. I have been told to replace it with the same year YZ250 shorty 2 stroke lever. I was told this was a popular swap back in the day. Is there any truth to this. I know the leverage I would get is less but who has done this?

I've never heard of this swap before. I would think you would want all the leverage you could get with a big bore 4 stroke.

I know I bought a Pro-Tec kick starter (1.5 inches shorter than OEM) for my wifes bike so she could get her short leg on it. The 1.5 inches made a hell of a difference in the resistance.

00 YZ 250 2 stoke lever works fine - I use one on my 426. No problems having used same one for 8 years. It is shorter, lighter and looks better.

Yep I switched it out and it works fine. Like you said, looks better and is also easier to start on off camber hills.

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