Over Sized Rotors.

I am racing the 450 Begginer Class 08-09 season and am wondering if Over sized rotors are somthin I should even worrie about seeing how I am only racing the Begginer class. I dont know if I would even be using the rotors to full advantage. Any input would be great.


Waste of money, IMO.

Unless your name is Chad Reed, you don't need over-sized rotors. I do, however, like the non-floating rotor I added to the front of my YZF. I just don't like the feel of floating rotors.

yes not a great investment for a racer in the Beginner class...IMHO

I do not agree with GR that they are a waste of $$ or 642 that you have to be CR to take advantage of oversized rotors either.

do a search on them for more info

I have them on my bike (BRAKING OS) and honestly I cant tell a big difference at all but look cool:smirk: :thumbsup:

Hey thanks for the input guys.


My 06 YZ450 had an oversize rotor setup on it when I bought it and I like it. It stops as well as any bike I've ridden, one finger is all it takes.

I previously had an 03 YZ450 and was never happy with the front brake. I changed the fluid, tried different pads and could not get the one finger feel I was looking for.

I also DO NOT agree that you need to be a top level rider to enjoy the extra stopping power. I enjoy the fact that my bike stops quickly with minimal input and no fading and I certainly have never been confused with Chad Reed :thumbsup:

Well they way I have my front brakes I can stop with one finger. It takes a little more input but I do it.

Remember he said he was a beginner. In that situation, the front brake needs to be powerful enough to lock, or nearly lock the front wheel in most conditions, but it should take enough effort to do so that the novice is not afraid to use the brake hard when it's called for. The stock front brake fits that description, IMO. As one advances, using the brake as is, or increasing its power, becomes a matter of preference.

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