oil strainer tightening pressure???

i gotta new wr450f and im going to break it in on the weekend but i was looking at how to change the oil and on step 7 it says to install the oil strainer (frame) after cleaning and tight to !!90Nm(65 ft-lbs)!! that seems really high for a part like that ... so has anyone with a yz450f or a wr450f tighten the oil strainer to that torque and have no problems??? :D :D :)

DO NOT TORQUE TO 65 FT. LBS I followed the manual word for word and I stripped out the strainer bolt. I had to chase the frame threads with a tap and get a new strainer bolt. The dealer gave me the striner because they said it was a misprint. I finally just hand tightened it and will probably never look in there again.

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