Barely making the WR450 street legal

when somebody does this....brake light....high low beam

switch, let me know which wire goes where....i'm clueless when it comes to wiring, and i dont want to zap anything out. :)

I would not sweat the high/low beam here in Michigan. Just get the brakelight switch hooked up get a horn and a mirror. That will pass for most of the police. They realize that you are not going to ride it on the rode that much. If you plan to ride it on the rode that much, you would have bought a street bike! ----Mike

as far as the high low beam....its on the check - off sheet that you get from the secretary of state, and when i did my 600 with the baja designs kit....the cop did check it.

I did this last year to my 01 426, its probably the same. I was planning on taking some pics this weekend to send to another TT member but had some family issues to deal with and never could. I will take some pics as well as get the information on what parts I used and from whom. I'll also try and remember how I did my wiring. I'll post a link to the pics or send them to you via e-mail when I get this done.

As far as how I did the wiring setup, I used a "single pole, double throw" switch to go from hi to lo beam and it also has an off position. I used this in conjunction with the on/off switch already on the bike. The on/off switch becomes a master switch to control the headlight and taillight and the SPDT switch for the headlight only.

Basically what I did was re-route the existing wire that controls the headlight to the input of the SPDT switch. The SPDT switch had 2 output wires which I wired to the high and low filaments of the headlight. Simple as that.

The brakelight was activated by a hydraulic switch on the rear brake only. If I remember right, it receives power from the wire that makes the low taillight filament on all the time. The output was then wired to the high filament of the taillight. I also wired the illuminated licenseplate bracket to the wire which supplies to the low filament as well. I know I called BajaDesigns for help with my wiring and they were very helpful, even when I called back for the 3rd time in an hour. I'll double check my info when I take pics and make corrections if I made a mistake above.

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