Rejetted my WR450

O.K. Guys, I just finished rejetting my WR450, wow what a difference! I changed the pilot jet from a 45 to a 48, changed the main jet from a 150 to a 155 (that came with the bike,)and I raised the needle one clip. I'am at 4500ft. and now it starts cold, full choke no throttle, instantly. No hesitation or backfiring and the low end power is even better. I ran it up and down the street to warm it up, then started it several times, its starts instantly with no throttle. I cruised along at a slow steady speed and it was smooth as silk. it is now the most perfect off road bike ever built!

Did you check your acc. pump timing when you had the carb off? Just curious how long a squirt your getting. I went to a 48 pilot and 160 main and did the grey wire mod. Bike runs much better but still a little hesitant starting without slight crack of the throttle. My acc. pump was a little less than one second and I timed it back to one second. Also were you starting bike in nuetral or in gear? I am trying to figure if it is worth doing the blue wire mod as my bike kick starts fine first kick every time.

Thanks for the info

Do you recall where you have your air screw?

are you saying there is a gery wire modification on the wr450?

With stock jetting I had it all the way past 3 turns with no improvement. After jetting I set it at 1&3/4 turns out. Yes there is a grey wire and it did not effect the bike running. It will be a couple of days before I ride again to tell if it improved anything.

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