Mike Metzger Back Flip - Pretty cool check it out.


That was perfect!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!

Wow!! Now that guys are doing this trick I'll bet all the freestylers will have to do it now. (if they ever want to win competitions). This trick really ups the bar.

AWESOME!!!!!.... how far can those guys push it? I just hope no one ever gets hurt, i mean really hurt, at a freestyle event, trying to keep up with the top FMXer's.

Give them a year and they'll be doing double backs and front flips!!!!

Streaming video! :D:):D:D

How about a 360 :)

I have done front flips and double back flips.

It counts when your on the ground and the bike is just cartwheeling away right? :D:):D

Whats next, 2 flips

That guy has had brainerectomy. I was sent a video of a guy attempting that and only making it half way round. It didn't look pretty. Don't doubt that there will be deaths associated with this stunt. Its very cool but its too stupid for words.

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