Stator questions please help/confirm

Am I correct here ....pls inform

that the 2001 wr250f stator and flywheel

is the same item

as the 20001 wr426f stator and flywheel

and that I can slap them on my 2001 yz426f

without problems so I can get some

decent power for lighting

I may be wrong but from what I can tell they

are the same parts

Thanks in advance



It will not work. YZ and WR cranks are different. It is a pain in the butt to get good lights on a YZ.
That is true of the 450's, but not the 426/400. The WR426 flywheel is a physical bolt-on to a YZ426 when a WR stator is used. That was not the question, in any case.

the parts numbers are the same

for the wr250f and wr426f for 2001

I think it does fit

They are, in fact, the same. I have both a 250 and 426 in the garage, and, while floating the grounds on both, comparre them as well as the part numbers.

Birdy, what do you mean by "floating the grounds"?



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