header gets really bright red!! to rich lean?? car b rebuild time? any ideas

once ride it goes away, but when sits and idles it get red hot

thanks, mike


tis normal because the header is made of thin stainless steel........unless your bike is poppin and banging you shouldnt worry about it

by poping and banging,, do u refer to when im letting it sit? bc it pops and bangs kinda when its cold and i have only ridden it for a short distance and then i down shift it pops and gurgles.

backfiring or bogging WHILE riding the bike....NOT revving the engine while its at a stand-still

it thats the case your jetting is a little off

Is there a combination of jets that works on the 426 the best or does it just matter what the jets are now?

Since jetting is temp and altitude dependent, it's probably best to go off what you have in there now and adjust accordingly.

If it's winter where you are I wouldn't do anything to it until you're closer to your typical riding temps. Unless of course, you plan on riding it a lot in the winter.

If the bike was stroed for a length of time before you got it, it could also be as simple as a clogged or partially clogged jet making it run leaner than it should.

I plan to ride a little, but this spring through fall will be the primary season for me. It runs ok, not like not running, just runs a little rough compared to how it did this summer, but that is normal for carbs i assume...?? another thing, it didn't sit to my knowlegde

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