Has anyone used or heard of Inertial Suspension

It bolts onto the rear axel bolt and is supposed to increase traction, keep the rear end calm and from kicking up. web page

Interesting concept... are you going to buy one and let us all know your experiences?


I remember reading a test about it in the mags. I can't remember what they said word for word, but it worked. If I remember, I think they said it worked most noticably on small rough bumps and and any chop you would experience excellerating out of turns. But this is coming from a magazine, and I definitely don't take what they have to say to heart.

As I understand it, the theory would be similar to those expensive shot filled hammers. If so, it would be cool.

You can hit those hamers against anythign and not have them bounce back.

Honestly though, on a motorcycle would"nt a person need something bowling ball sized????

Dirt Rider did an extensive test of the "Little" device last spring and was shocked to see just how well it works.

I have been waiting for the price tag to drop under the $200.00 mark and then planned to purchase one.

It is supposed to be a great device.

Bonzai :)

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