Winter project

Well I guess winter is finally here in northern Nevada so I am going to use the time to do some maintenance on my bike. I bought a 99 yz400f a few months ago and it is in really good shape. I am going to start by stripping it down and get the frame and sub frame powder coated. Since the bike will be torn apart I am also going to replace bearings. Here’s the deal I am new to dirt bikes so I have no idea of what I am doing. I have a manual so hopefully that will help, but I am also going to need your help.

First off, obviously I am going to drain the fluids prior to taking out the motor and the radiators. Will it be a problem if the motor and radiators sit in the garage without fluids in them for one to two months?

Like I said earlier I want to replace bearings as well, where do I start? I would really appreciate some feed back on any idea you may have to make the process as easy as possible. Plus any other ideas of what I should do while the bike is stripped would be great as well.

Thanks in advance and I will keep everyone posted on the progress.


Some older, used seals may harden and/or shrink in the absence of the fluid they are familiar with, commonly the carb and water pump seals. Otherwise, there shouldn't be a problem.

Cool thanks.

Well the bike's in a thousand pieces. I just hope it goes back together as easy as I took it apart.:thumbsup:

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