more 450f post than 250f?

Is it because more rider bought the 450f than the 250f?

Or just that the 450f has got more problem?

Interesting. :)

what.... what are u talkling about.... why do more people buy the WR250f to the 426??? or what.... I have a 250 cuz its a bit lighter and its all the power i need... otherwise i dont see what the point of this thread is... can u help me out plz :D:)

Easy there, Killer.

I think what rookie is getting at is that there is perhaps less mention of problems from 250F owners than from 450F owners lately. This could be attributable to a number of things and by itself doesn't mean much.

Personally, I take every bit of information I get on either model as potentially applicable to the other.

Just my $0.02. :)

actually new river... the post made no sense thats y i was askin... all that he said was that there were more posts on teh 250... i was askin what he ment as in... about mods.. problems.. stuff like that... i was not flaming him or anything... really... and the info was y i am cruising the 426 forum :) i want to know more about other bikes than my own so ... dude im sorry if i rubbed off wrong with that post it was not ment to be a flame... have a good ride!!!

Hey Killer, no problem with that.

It is just a thought from me. :)

Does that include international TT members?

If so, mail me a list of what you have to offer at

or PM me your links to the stuff you have.


My apologies...

pls ignore.

Right reply but at the wrong post



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