WR450 or VOR450EN

In early December I was trying to decide between the VOR450En and the WR450. After much reading I decided on the Yamaha. I was supposed to get the first WR450 at my dealership in Jan. They instead sold it to someone else for a higher price. Now I hear about clutch problems and perhaps starter problems. Talked to my good friend who is a certified automotive mechanic and used to ride a YZ400. He said clutch problems are a result of a BAD design and never go away.... :) He said if I can get the VOR for $600 more then I should definately go with it, as I will have continuous clutch problems with the Yamaha. He said thats why he got rid of his YZ??? Please don't accuse me of being a troll. I want good information before I spend $6300+. How bad are the problems?????

Only time will tell

there arent enough bikes out there yet to see if their is any real design problems yet.

This bike is a leader in its class (By far) around the world and Yamaha will not take chances to screw up their market share

my only concern is how lean the bikes are jetted.

mine is due 10 Feb and we get the euro spec bikes so we can also compare subtle differences (pipe, no gray wire etc)

I am not in anyway concerned, all the rumours with the YZ's have come to nothing

Buy one if you dont like it you will sell it easily

If you’re going to send 6k+ you might as well get the obvious choice, the KTM 450exc! I know it’s not quite as sexy as the VOR but if you can’t handle the Dreamsicle War Eagle orange you get some cool looking black graphics / plastic. Best yet their reliable and for that rare occasion you do need parts you can get them easy enough. Good luck and Roll Tide!

Alabama, Good news for you is that the New VOR importer is located in Mississippi. Official as of last Friday.

Cher'o, :)

your friend has no idea what he is talking about. my bike has had not a single problme and i ride the crap out of it. i have chnaged the cluthc because i wore it out after 2.5 years of hard riding. and slipping the clutch too much. anyways, the vor's are cool but will not handle like a yamaha.



That mechanic sounds like he was parrotting somebody elses bad advise. I have hundreads of hours on both my race bikes and have NEVER had a clutch problem...

Tell that mechanic that he needs to apply for a career change at the "Truckmasters Institute" The trucking industry needs all the wheel holders it can get.....

I'm starting to get the impression from "Alabama Riders " posts that he is a pot stirrer....

Bonzai :)

The problem here is your friend is an AUTO Mechanic, and not a motorcycle mechanic. Now I realize that mechanics can probably fix either. Especially one who rides, but I don't go to my local boat dealer with WR questions. :)

I have had no problems with my bike, 5000+ miles. My clutch works better than most of my friends. The WR's are good reliable bikes, IMO you can't go wrong.


Before you buy a bike from a small company like a VOR, I'd look damn hard at reliability, parts availability & price, company financial status, dealer network, etc. You buy a Japanese bike and you can go to a dealer in any state and get parts. Buy the VOR and you better plan ahead. Take a minute and read the Cannondale posts.

I bought one of the original ATK's and it was tough to get parts. They also cost a lot more since there were not many of them out there.

I hammer my WR and have never had any clutch problems.

Just my $0.02

I've got an 00wr that i race hare scramble's,motox and trail ride and i've thrashed for 2yrs.and i'm still on the original clutch,must not be too bad of a design .Tell Mr.Goodwrench to stick to working on car's.As for the vor if you want to waste your money send it my way,if you have second thought's about the wr then i'd buy a honda or even a ktm before i'd buy a vor.

My dearest Alabamy if means you will stop slagging on Yamaha and Trolling on the Blue forum by all means please buy the VOR!! Enjoy. :)

I'm with SMD... :)

only went out 4 times on my 2002 wr400 before i binned it and my clutch was outragously in good working order old man, must try to miss the trees in future its the steering i think thats jinxed >:-))

VOR sounds like a scary investment to me, very few dealers as of right now, parts may be a problem. Re-sale has to be a joke, I had a heck of a time selling my 99 Husky and they are more well known than VOR, practically gave the bike away. Yamaha or a KTM, even a GAS GAS before a VOR.

I agree with SMD. Buy anything, just do it tomorrow, and start a new forum, save us from your inability to make a decision.

bama , i think every post you initiate criticizes yamaha in some way or another , why not just keep your xr and hang out on the honda forum . if you're so worried about reliability buy a bicycle . :)

Will do.. Here is the deal. Unlike some who buy on emotion on TT, I am a professional Engineer. I research extensively before I make a buying decision. My decisions are based on good analysis, and not emotion... Here is the statistical analysis. Ten(10) riders have reported into TT about the Wr450. Three (3) have reported Woodruff key failures which shut the bike down requiring a dealer fix. That amounts to a 30% failure rate. That is way too high. Suppose it was only 3 in 15. Then you still have a 20% FAILURE RATE. THAT IS WAY TOO HIGH... :(The dealer fix does not prevent the event from occuring again. :) It merely gets the rider back on the road. Is that science, or emotion? Some don't want to admit there is a problem...

professional engineer ? in real life or just on the internet ? do us all a favour and buy a bike , i don't care what you buy , just buy something , anything . spare us the statistical whining .

Well Bamy predictably you have manged to say all the wrong things at just the right time. You say you are some kind of engineer? Well I shudder to think what the production area must look like. :D

I love your remark "research extensively" I guess thats what lead you to buy that ATK,what a modern marvel that is.

And lets don't forget that water buffalo of an XL with the "blinkies removed". Did that require some sort of degree as well? :)

Once again Thanks for all your positive input.Now go back to the girly bike forum.

If only I were a professional engineer, then I could divide three into ten also. :)

Some don't want to admit there is a problem.

Not true. I am more than willing to admit that there is definitely a problem here. And you are it.

boy,im starting to like the mullet militia more and more everyday!this is great! :)

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