WR450 or VOR450EN

So did Bama pick the VOR? I couldn't tell from his post. Of course he didn't. Did he pick the WR? Nope not yet. By the time he actually picks a bike, and it is delivered, the 2004 bike intros will be filtering in, and we will be subjected to "04 VOR vs 04 CRFX vs 04 WR450F" post! Just pick a damn bike and go ride. If you don't like it, SELL it and buy another one. How many people hold on to bikes more than a couple of years anyway? It is not like this will be the last bike you ever own. Do you sleep at night? Are you tossing and turning thinking "VOR or WRF" till 2am? I am starting to worry about you friend. I say, get the VOR. You will have something very different, exotic, and probably a pretty good bike. Who knows? Maybe the WR will be a lemon. Just go get one and ride, ride, ride, ride, and then, ride some more. Just stop torturing yourself. It can't be healthy.

Now I hear about clutch problems and perhaps starter problems. Talked to my good friend who is a certified automotive mechanic and used to ride a YZ400. He said clutch problems are a result of a BAD design and never go away.... He said if I can get the VOR for $600 more then I should definately go with it

Am I on "Candid Camera"? That quote is almost as funny as:

Well, with the childish comments to serious questions is why I went with the KTM 525 EXC.

No Wait the best one is:

Where are the moderators?

SMD,Bandit and Beezer: I'm with you guys on this one.... I really believe that Bama is just screwing with all of us....... Where are the moderators? Math, this isn't Oprah.... This is a free forum for all of us to chat.. Please don't insult the Moderators.. They do their jobs just fine.....

I think some of you hate the fact that Yamaha re-invented the "mass-production" four stroke. But when you're number uno you're bound to get people to disagree. I never thought I'de see the day when Yamaha's reliability would be compared to a VOR or a KTM. I have an 01 WR426 with a stock clutch with more miles on it than most bikes will ever have in a lifetime that is in perfect condition. Can you say that about a VOR? I didn't think so......

Bama, I'm sure you're a great guy outside of TT, but from this post you're starting to become a Tr***. Just buy the VOR..... Please......They're close by......Do it....

Cheers, your pal

Dan :)

The more mods the sh*&&%*# the bike? You should think, more mods the more specific the need. Of all the mods we make how many actually NEED to be done? We make our bikes our own, setup the way we like it for what we do. ---Mike

WR250fla, I know you must like the Yamaha, I was just giving my opinion. You can laugh but I have never been out run nor passed by a Yamaha 4 stroke, EVER. Pretty good for a outdated bike with a outdated rider. I know the Hondas are great bikes but I don't like what I see replacing the bikes I like. Instead of updating the XRs they are replacing them with CRFX. I don't like the design. I like the Yamaha better , that is why I am watching this board.



Dwight, I'm surprised you decided to go with the 525 and not the 450. I was talking to Paul Krause two weeks ago in Laughlin and he told us (my father and I) that he's going to race the 450 all year long in the "Best in the desert" series" because the bike feels so much lighter than the 525. Your track record is unbelievable and I have so much respect for your accoplishments (s?). Why the 525 and not the 450? Just curious...

PS. I want a team helmet BAD!!!! (ISDE) Do you know Chili White (KTM)? He raced ISDE last year and only beat me by 8 minutes in Laughlin... I'm really thinking about going to Brazil as a club rider if I could qualify in Idaho.. What do you think? Worth it?

Dan :)

I went with the 525 because I love torque. I like lots of low end. I short shift a lot. I wish they Yamaha had gone with at least a 70 mm stroke. I know Chili. I have met him a couple times and I caught him and passed him at one of the Nat'l enduros last year with him riding that Gas Gas 400. He was going pretty good. I know his brother a lot more as I see him as company functions with PARTS UNLIMITED.

HEY, as for the ISDE it ain't what it used to be but you ought to go for it anyway. I personally think they have made the ISDE too easy on the trails and allow too much outside assistance and repairs. I remember when we had to carry all tools and parts with us and no one could touch the bike except to add gasoline or oil. Bike had to be reliable or you didn't finish. They were talking about how tough the ISDE was this year in Czech but back in 1982 we only finished 8 riders out of 36. This year we finished 22.

Good luck and keep us informed on how you do at the qualifiers.

I am riding the Nat'l Enduro series this year. Missing the California event but probably catching all the rest. Maybe I can win the SrA class again.



beezer - I was being a smart ass. Me thinks he just wants attention, and I have wasted enough time on him.

Hey Rudder doesn't that KTM have radiators?.......just curious.

OK, I'll be honest. :)

I've never wanted to insult any of the moderators from this forum. Who am I to do such a thing? If any of them felt insulted, I apologize sincerely.

I understand that we are not at Oprah.

Just wanted to share my opinion that guys are though on Bamy. Now that I learned a little bit more on what a VOR is (few readings) I totally agree that the VOR is no match for the Yam but come on, none of us needs to spend energy at roughing a TT member for that, whoever he is. :D

You mentioned it yourself Dan, the moderators are doing a great job. And very recently neWRiver suggested to lighten up a little and keep on topic. Let's do it! :D


Dwight, Its always good to hear from you. Thanks for lifting the level of reply post in this forum. We would luv to know more about your KTM... Some others that can't respond with technical input would rather shoot personal attacks, their level of immaturity is amazing. I hope they graduate from highschool soon. For those who can only criticize, nobody is making you come in here and reply. go elsewhere..... <ul type="square">

to repeat what I said..."the Yamaha. It is quicker, handles the tight stuff, and has more power. I like the Yamaha because it most reminds me of my XR650 but is 60lbs lighter, which fits my riding style... Now all I have to do is wait on delivery,"

Alabama, let's try to keep this going in a positive direction. Adding insults only invites the negative responses. If this thread does not make a quick turn for the better I am going to lock it up to avoid unnecessary and nonproductive confrontations.

I hope everybody has some good riding plans this weekend. That is what it is all about, right?


Let me tell you about dealer support, (and to all that doubted my relationship between my dealer an myself) I found a bike yesterday in Macon Ga. and got a price. Went to my Dealer in Huntsville TN today to tell him if he could not get the WR in the next two weeks I had to buy the one in Macon. He told me to buy it and he would support me in parts and maintenance. Now that is a good dealer and friend. Also I have been buying bikes from him for 25 years, and if you buy a bike from him he sells you parts for his cost. He is willing to keep doing this for the WR. Again I have already bought one bike from him this year, but he let me use his phone to call the Macon dealer to confirm and buy this bike (who I have never met yet, till tomorrow). Do I have a great dealer or not? Also the price would have been the same for either dealer. $5885 out the door! :D, sorry just could not help giving the price. :) Looooog drive tomorrow, but am pumped right now! :D :D :D

Superbike, Thanks, I made up my mind and bought the WR450 today. I appreciate all the help TT has offered. I still think KTM is a great bike, as I have looked at one. Wish I had the chance to ride one to tell for myself, but that is not always possiable. Thanks again!

Good deal Kevin, I like how you think. I have been debating with myself about which bike to buy and using TT to help me figure it out. It is a great fourm, but some here only want to fight on color alone. I just bought Blue today, have to go out of state to get it. If I would have gone KTM, I would not have felt un-comfortable talking on this Yamaha forum. What a shame!

Your dealer is smart, I think they make more on parts than the bike.

Enjoy your new bike I can't wait to get mine.

Motorod, does that price include tax? Did you use the Yamaha finance plan? I have a similiar price from one local dealer who says next delivery is February something. The other dealer said $6782.32. He has one now. An enormous difference. :) I am going to start a new forum for new Yamaha Riders. I am sure I will love the bike, but after this forum experience, I am sure I will be embarrassed by the behavoir of other blue riders. :D

I have an even better idea. Just to make sure people don't think I am a blue-blood, I am going to strip all of the blue plastic off my new WR450. I am going to replace it all with RED. Hopefully most people will think it is a XR. :)

You guys sure do know how to welcome someone to the Yamaha family....

newriver, you never intervene when the insults are aimed at me. I guess you ride blue too...

Motorod Congrats! I got mine for $5899 + tax. That is the best deal I could get with out beating them up. I feel I got a killer deal. ---Mike

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