WR450 or VOR450EN

I guess you ride blue too...

You can't trust the colors of these bikes anymore. After one day at a local riding area, I asked this guy on a blue bike how he liked the new Yamaha. He said "I wouldn't know, this is a Suzuki 400" Boy did I feel like a dumbass, it said Suzuki on the stickers.

I kinda held back from posting to your thread but wanted to let you know flaming the fire does nothing but make larger flames. Don't get burned.

I think I'd by a new WR450 tomorrow if I had the money.

Scuse me Alabama, but I just sold my BRP and am expecting my wr450 next week, and I was really disappointed when the weight of the wr was placed at around 265. My BRP supposedly was around 290 wet and it would wear me out long before an enduro was over but was one of the best all around trail bikes for a big guy that I have ever been on. My point is, if you are saying the BRP was really around 325, boy am I gonna be happy. Tim

newriver, you never intervene when the insults are aimed at me.

Well, Alabama, that is simply not the case. But I am not interested in debating that point with you here. PM me if you want to discuss this further.

Please understand that I do appreciate the cooperation and self restraint that has mostly been demonstrated here. In all, I think we conduct ourselves in a very mature and responsible manner here on TT. You guys are great.

As a moderator, I have to excersise an even greater level of self control. I am not at quite the same liberty to pass judgements on others based on my hunches or suspicions about the intentions behind member's posts or the possibility of "assumed identities" and other silly nonsense. For example, a clever or persistent troll is difficult to weed out and the site's admins and moderators have to err on the side of discretion in the face of these matters.

The more mundane but nevertheless significant "moderator" issue here is a simple one. This thread has virtually exhausted any potential it may have had to add value to TT and appears on the verge of possibly becoming more detrimental than anything else. So, it will be ended.


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