North Carolina Cannondale Demo ... Hey, It's free

Incase you are interested...

Here is some details about a Cdale demo on Saturday.

You have heard a lot about them, Cannondale got it together and is selling a greatly improved product. Here is your chance to finally ride American on the dirt for free. Come see what all the talk is really about!

Come test if you are in the area. Some details:

ALCO Yamaha will be hosting a Cannondale Demo Day Saturday 7/13/2002.


Ride the Bikes and Quads.

We will have Cannondale Techs on hand to answer questions

The Cannondale rep will also be there.

10-15 ATV's and bikes on hand to ride.

We will leave ALCO at 10:00 am to go to the test area....or

You may drive straight to the site. (for directions call the number below and ask for Mike)

Trails Angels Track with a motocross and woods section (Where we have held

the school several times)


ALCO Yamaha of Asheboro


So how are the Cannondales.

I just saw one at my local Yam dealer, and to be honest it looked sweet. Very attractive, slim, tall, aggressive. It looks like a good bike.

How is the power and suspension, steering. I would love to hear some feed back on these perform compared to WR's

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