Changing fork springs on 08 yz450f

Hey guys, I used the search but couldn't find the answer. 2008 yz450 all stock. I need to change the fork springs to my weight and read through the manual but still don't quite understand. My question is can I just loosen the fork caps, remove the forks, and slide the inner chamber out without dumping the oil out (on has 2 hrs on it), replace the springs and chamber and button everything up? Or do your have to dump the oil and remove the rebound adjuster to get the springs out? Thanks guys!

I did my fork oil last week, 2006 bike. From what I remember, you will need to dump the oil in the outer tube / chamber, remove the rebound adjuster at the bottom, and then take the inner cartridge out. The inner cartridge sits on the spring. You don't have to dump the oil in the innner cartridge if you don't want to or take it apart any further than that to change the spring.

Like Blue9Red9 says you will have to dump the outer chamber and remove the damping adjuster/damper assembly to get to the springs. Since you are in there might as well put fresh oil in the inner chamber as well.

i agree, i changed my oil after 5 hours in my inner chamber and i dumped out tons of tiny aluminum shreds. Go ahead and do it all, and to answer your question, you have to dump the outer chamber oil, but if you dont want to break down the base valve and inner chamber you can just set them aside while you change springs (make sure you keep them upright and in a clean place)

thanks guys for the help:worthy:

one more question, what kind of fork oil do you guys prefer?

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