brighter 07 headlight, might be new idea?

My 07 WR450F has a high/low beam switch. Since it has the stock (35-35w) bulb the high beam isn't brighter, it only throws the beam higher. This only helps for a second or two at the base of a hill.

While trail ridding at night I noticed that if I pushed the hi/low switch half way in both low/hi beams came on at the same time. In this condition the headlight seemed to work perfectly for my needs. I was trying to figure out a way where if I pushed the high beam button in both filliments would light and when in the low beam mode only the low filliment would light.

I couldn't figureout how to accomplish that so I thought that a good alterative would be to have the bulb wired to run both hi/low filliments at the same time (I run lights off in day time) and forget about the high beam button alll together.

The bike seems to handle running both hi/lo fillimints at the same time without trouble. I like the light output this way. Any one see any problems with this?

I know that floating the ground will produce more DC power but I would like to keep the head light seperated from the battery side. The only thing my battery runs now that is normaly constantly on is my LED tail tight. That leaves me with a fully charged battery at all times for horn, signals and most of all my magic button. I love the way my starter rips because there is never a load on my battery.

PS, what's the bigest bulb the standard A/C circut can handle?

Thank's, S/T.

I had a street bike several years back that I could move the sliding headlight switch half-way between low and high to get both filaments to light at the same time. After riding several miles like this, the ground lead INSIDE of the headlight bulb melted in two leaving me in the middle of the Black Hills, at night, with no headlight. :thumbsup:

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